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Newspaper Article or News Program Discussion Post Essay

Newspaper Article or News Program Discussion Post - Essay Example The article argues that discretion is a function of many variables that differ from case to case. Therefore, how to apply discretion for the best results in all or most cases cannot be reduced to a simple formula that can be used to guide prosecutors (Davis 30). Without such as guide, prosecutors are given too much freedom and power and this leads to abuse and injustice. The issue of prosecutorial discretion came under spotlight recently when Attorney General told prosecutors that they are under no obligation to defend unjust laws (Gershman). This raises the question of whether they can nullify laws. If prosecutors are under no obligation to defend unjust laws, they are effectively nullifying those laws. This is a further evidence of the wide powers of prosecutors given to them under the doctrine of prosecutorial discretion. A prosecutor with a political agenda can apply the law selectively and that is manifest injustice (Davis 26). The issue of prosecutorial discretion is important because it inevitably comes up in discussion about injustice in criminal justice system especially now when the number of cases of wrongful conviction are increasing. It appears there is need to relook into discretionary powers or strengthen accountability. Gershman, Bennett. "Refusing to Defend Unjust Laws: Prosecutorial Discretion or Prosecutorial Nullification?." The Huffington Post., 27 Feb. 2014. Web. 28 Feb. 2014.

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Profit maximisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Profit maximisation - Essay Example A monopolist maximises his profit at the level of output where the marginal cost equals the marginal revenue. That is MR=MC. In order to determine the profit maximising level of production, the monopolist supplements its information about the prices and market demand for data on the costs of production at different levels of output. A monopolist cannot maximise profit by charging the highest price possible (market price yielding maximum benefits). Rather, it will maximise profit at the level where the Total Revenue minus the Total Cost is the highest. The difference between TR and TC is a function of price and the quantity sold. Profit maximisation in a pure monopoly structure is presented in the figure below. The monopoly cannot maximise its profits at the points where the MC is equal to the demand or where the average total cost equals the marginal cost. At these levels of output, the revenue generated would only be sufficient to cater for the cost of production. Rather, profit is maximised at the level of output where MR=MC. An oligopolistic market structure is characterised by few but large firms in the market. In making their economic decisions, firms in this market structure consider the behaviour of other firms in the market. The reason for such consideration is because any slight changes in the prices, output or expansion may have significant effects on the profitability of the firms in the market. In an oligopolistic market, profits will be maximised at the point where the price p intersects with the marginal revenue and the marginal cost curves (Baumol and Blinder, 2012). At this point, the MC=MR and MC cut the MR in its vertical portion. Profit maximisation thus occurs at price p. When the MC shifts in the vertical part of the MR, price P does not change. The movement of MC under the oligopolistic market makes insignificant price effects and hence consumers do

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Dreaming In The 1960s Essay examples -- essays research papers

In 1962, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said his most famous words: "I have a dream." He was not the only one who felt this way. For many, the 1960s was a decade in which their dreams about America might be fulfilled. For Martin Luther King Jr., this was a dream of a truly equal America; for John F. Kennedy, it was a dream of a young vigorous nation that would put a man on the moon; and for the hippy movement, it was one of love, peace, and freedom. The 1960s was a tumultuous decade of social and political upheaval. We are still confronting many social issues that were addressed in the 1960s today. In spite of the turmoil, there were some positive results, such as the civil rights revolution. However, many outcomes were negative: student antiwar protest movements, political assassinations, and ghetto riots excited American people and resulted in a lack of respect for authority and the law. The first president during the 1960s was John F. Kennedy. He was young, appealing, and had a carefully crafted public image that barely won him the election. Because former President Eisenhower supported the Republican nominee, Richard Nixon, and because many had doubts about Kennedy's youth and Catholic religion, Kennedy only received three-tenths of one percent more of the popular vote than Nixon. The first thing Kennedy did during his brief presidency was to try to restore the nation's economy. Economic growth was slow in 1961 when Kennedy entered the White house. The President initiated a series of tariff negotiations to stimulate exports and proposed a federal tax cut to help the economy internally. John F. Kennedy was known as one of the few presidents in history who made his own personality a significant part of his presidency and a focus of national attention. Nothing illustrated this more clearly than the reaction to the tragedy of November 22, 1963. Kennedy was driving through the streets of Dallas. The streets were full of cheering people watching him drive by. The President was surrounded by loud motorcycles driven by the Secret Service. One onlooker, looking into a sixth floor window, noticed another man with a rifle. "Boy! ," he said. "You sure can't say the Secret Service isn't on the ball. Look at that guy up there in the window with a rifle" (Pett 12). That man with the rifle was not a member of the Secret Service. A fraction of... ...on. Another type of chemical, chemical pestisides, were also important in the 1960s. A book written by Rachel Carson described for the first time the dangers of using pesticides. Carson believed that the poisonous chemicals were taking a dreadful toll, and that the only way to fix the situation was to "let the balance of nature take care of the number of insects" (Carson 17). Another poisonous chemical was being used on humans. Mistakes made in the past caused a great deal of health problems to children around the world when it was discovered that using a tranquilizer called thalidomide caused severe birth defects. Babies were born with hands and feet like flippers, attached to the body with little or no arm or leg. Every compound drug containing the sedative was taken off the market. The 1960s began under the shadow of the Cold War and ended under the shado wo fthe Vietnam War. What happened inbetween was a series of dreams, failures, and realities that have made the sixties one of the most tumultuous decades in the history of the United States. From assassinations to Woodstock, the 1960s was an era of confusion in which every American tried to make his dream a reality.

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Apollo 11 Mission – Paper

Mission Robert Marino October 24, 2010 I. Introduction and Thesis Apollo 11 departed from Cape Kennedy, Florida Complex-39 at 9:32a. m. on July 16, 1969. The Lunar Module named Eagle landed in the Sea Tranquility at 4:18 p. m. EDT. The mission was simple: put a man on the Moon and return. The mission was a great success and the command and service module Columbia returned back to Earth on July 24, 1969 at 12:50:35 p. m. Neil Alden Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Lunar Surface and Edwin E. â€Å"Buzz† Aldrin was the second, because of this mission we have a better understanding of the Moon. NASA, n. d. ). II. Lunar Mission a) Perform a manned lunar mission and return safely to Earth. b) â€Å"During their stay on the Moon, the astronauts setup scientific experiments, took photographs and took lunar samples. (Greyzeck, 2010). † III.Apollo 11 Discoveries a) Apollo 11 mission was full of scientific activities. b) â€Å"The astronauts carried out the planned sequence of activities that included deployment of a Solar Wind Composition (SWC) experiment, collection of a larger sample of lunar material, panoramic photographs of the region near the anding site and the lunar horizon, close up photographs of in place lunar surface material, deployment of a Laser-Ranging Retroreflector (LRRR) and a Passive Seismic Experiment Package (PSEP), and collection of two core-tube samples of the lunar surface. (NASA. n. d. ). † c) Lunar Dust Detector IV. Apollo Mission Broadcast a) â€Å"Apollo 11 was recorded at three tracking stations on Earth in Goldstone, California, Honeysuckle Creek, and Parkes in Australia. (Leonard, 2010). † V. Conclusion a) Apollo 11 was a major accomplishment is the history of space exploration for theUnited States. Apollo 11 departed from Cape Kennedy, Florida Complex-39 at 9:32a. m. on July 16, 1969. The Lunar Module named Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquility at 4:18 p. m. EDT. The mission was simple: put a man on the Moon and return. The mission was a great success and the command and service module Columbia returned back to Earth on July 24, 1969 at 12:50:35 p. m. Neil Alden Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the Lunar Surface and Edwin E. â€Å"Buzz† Aldrin was the second, because of this mission we have a better understanding of the Moon. (NASA, n. d. ).The mission to the moon was not just about getting there and putting a man on the surface but was also about collecting scientific data and returning safely to earth. â€Å"Six hours after landing at 4:17 p. m. EDT, Neil A. Armstrong took the â€Å"Small Step† into our greater future when he stepped off the Lunar Module, named â€Å"Eagle,† onto the surface of the Moon, from which he could look up and see Earth in the heavens as no one had done before him. (NASA, 2002). â€Å"During their stay on the Moon, the astronauts set up scientific experiments, took photographs, and collected lunar samples (Greyzec k, 2010). Apollo 11 was the first mission where man walked on the moon and came back to Earth. The Apollo 11 mission’s spacecraft was named the Command and Service Module (CSM). It was made of two distinct units, the Command Module (CM), which housed the crew, the spacecraft operations systems, and held the re-entry equipment. The other unit was the Service Module (SM) which was what carried most of the consumables, which are, oxygen, water, helium, fuel cells, and fuel. It also held the main propulsion system(Greyzeck, 2010). The Apollo 11 mission was a mission full of scientific activities.The Apollo mission carried back 46 pounds of Lunar Rock along with other lunar soil samples. â€Å"The astronauts carried out the planned sequence of activities that included deployment of a Solar Wind Composition (SWC) experiment, collection of a larger sample of lunar material, panoramic photographs of the region near the landing site and the lunar horizon, close-up photographs of in p lace lunar surface material, deployment of a Laser-Ranging Retroreflector (LRRR) and a Passive Seismic Experiment Package (PSEP), and collection of two core-tube samples of the lunar surface. NASA Top, 2003) (NASA. n. d. )†. â€Å"One of the major surprises from study of the record of neon from the sun in lunar soil samples was evidence for two solar gas components with distinct isotopic compositions. ( Nevills, 2007). † There were many lunar samples brought back on the Apollo mission, of the samples two of them were basalts and breccias. Basalts are solidified rock from molten lava. Basalts were found at the Eagle landing site and are approximately 3. 6 to 3. 9 billion years old. Breccias are rocks that have been broken up and formed back together in different forms.The moon is changing due to the fact that it is being hit by meteors and breccias are constantly changing and forming. Many volcanic regions on earth have breccias. (Lunar and Planetary Institute, 2010). â €Å"Prior to the Apollo landings, it was thought that there would be a heavy dust layer deposited on the experiment packages during Lunar Module ascent and possibly from other long term sources. This experiment was designed to measure this dust layer deposition and was performed on Apollo 11, 12, 14, and 15.On Apollo 11, it was attached to the passive Seismic Experiment and measured the power output from a set of solar cells. The dust accumulation proved to be much lower than expected, and the results from this experiment were also used to monitor the long term degradation of solar cells from radiation and thermal effects. This was considered to be engineering rather than a scientific experiment. † (Lunar and Planetary, 2010). One of the advancement from the Apollo 11 mission was the ability to watch a satellite broadcast from space on live television.One of the difficulties of live lunar feed was that the signal NASA was trying to read came from Galileo spacecraft, and was s upposed to have been transmitted by a big satellite. The plan was that NASA had large radio antennas to capture live feed. The radio antennas were stationed at Goldstone and Honeysuckle Creek. When it came time to receive the signal the radio antennas were on the wrong side of the earth. (Technology Television, 2010). The rush was on to figure out how to broadcast the lunar event.The engineers figured out that they need to send the signal to smaller antennas and then from those smaller antennas feed the rest of the United States. The problem was that these antennas were not capable of receiving a weak signal, so the engineers decided to reduce the signal from the MFSN station, so it could pick up the signal to send to the television. The problem with doing that was it created poor signal quality unlike it would have been with the satellite they had powered by batteries on the moon.What needed to be done was the engineers had to keep the minimum required power on the radio transmitte rs so that it did no weaken the batteries too quickly. Another problem arose with the weak signal; it was not compatible with the ground equipment. To combat this problem MSFN needed to convert the signal so the picture on the televisions was in the right size and quality. The final solution was to record the event with a camera and feed the broadcast to the United States. (Technology Television, 2010). The crew of Apollo 11 returned to earth on July, 24 1969 at 12:50:35 p. m. EDT and was picked up by the recovery ship U.S. S Hornet in the Pacific Ocean. The three Apollo 11 astronauts were kept in what is called a Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) until August 10th to make sure that they did not bring back any unknown bacteria from the moon. Apollo 11 was a major accomplishment is the history of space exploration for the United States. Reference Grayzeck, E. (2010, July/August 23). Apollo 11 Command and Service Module (CSM). In Apollo 11, Retrieved from http://nssdc. gsfc. nasa. gov/ nmc/masterCatalog. do? sc=1969-059A Lunar and Planetary Institute. (2010). Apollo 11 Mission. Retrieved August 22, 2010, from http://www. pi. usra. edu/lunar/missions/apollo/apollo_11/samples/ NASA. (n. d. ). Mission Summary. In Apollo 11. Retrieved from http://www. nasm. si. edu/collections/imagery/apollo/as11/a11sum. htm Nevills, A. (2007, November/December 23). Genesis Findings Solve Apollo Lunar Soil Mystery. In Apollo 11. Retrieved from http://www. nasa. gov/mission_pages/genesis/media/ Technology Television Quality. (n. d. ). Clavius. Retrieved September 5, 2010, from http://www. clavius. org/tvqual. html Leonard, D. (2006) Tale of the TV Tapes: Apollo 11 Mission Archive Mystery Unspools. Retrieved from http://www. space. com

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Learning About C# for Beginners

C# is a general purpose object-oriented programming language developed at Microsoft and released in 2002. It is similar to Java in its syntax. The purpose of C# is to precisely define a series of operations that a computer can perform to accomplish a task. Most C# operations involve manipulating numbers and text, but anything that the computer can physically do can be programmed in C#. Computers have no intelligence—they have to be told exactly what to do, and their actions are defined by the programming language you use. Once programmed, they can repeat the steps as many times as needed at high speed. Modern PCs are so fast they can count to a billion in seconds. What Can a C# Program Do? Typical programming tasks include  putting data into a database or pulling it out, displaying high-speed graphics in a game or video, controlling electronic devices attached to the PC and playing music or sound effects. You can even use it to write software to generate music or help you compose. Some developers believe that C# is too slow for games  because it is interpreted  rather than compiled. However the .NET Framework compiles the interpreted code the first time it runs. Is C# the Best Programming Language? C# is a highly ranked program language. Many computer languages are written for a specific purpose, but C# is a general purpose language with features to make programs more robust.   Unlike C and to a lesser extent Java, the screen handling in C# is excellent on both desktops and the web. In this role, C# overtook languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi. Which Computers Can Run C#? Any PC that can run the .NET Framework can run the C# programming language. Linux supports C# using the Mono C# compiler. How Do I Get Started With C#? You need a C# compiler. There are a number of commercial and free ones available. The professional version of Visual Studio can compile C# code. Mono is a free and open-source C# compiler. How Do I Begin Writing C# Applications? C# is written using a text editor. You write a computer program as a series of instructions (called statements) in a notation that looks a little like mathematical formulas. This is saved as a  text file and then compiled and linked to generate machine code which you then can run. Most applications you use on a computer were written and compiled like this, many of them in C#. Is There Plenty of C# Open Source Code? Not as much as in Java, C or C but it is starting to become popular. Unlike commercial applications, where the source code is owned by a business and never made available, open source code can be viewed and used by anyone. Its an excellent way to learn coding techniques. The Job Market for C# Programmers There are plenty of C# jobs out there, and C# has the backing of Microsoft, so is likely to be around for a while.   You could write your own games, but youd need to be artistic or need an artist friend because you also need music and sound effects. Perhaps youd prefer a career as a business software developer creating business applications or as a software engineer.

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Existentialism In Hemingway And Camus - 1730 Words

People like to get stuck in what they find comfortable, and don’t want to push the boundaries. Literature was stuck in a rut, until Modernism came around and broke the standard mold that authors thought they needed to follow. This movement brought in new styles, dynamic characters and topics that centered around ground breaking theories. Many of these authors looked for their own individual way to break from the tradition. Hemingway and Camus were just two of these authors that took their novels, The Sun Also Rises and The Stranger, in directions that others hadn’t. They developed characters that broke away from the typical stock characters everyone was used to. Hemingway looked at the crazy lifestyles and the consequences that the war had†¦show more content†¦Jake states early in the book â€Å"Under the wine I lost the disgusted feeling and was happy. It seemed they were all such nice people† (Hemingway 150). This is a clear example of how alcohol is u sed by not just him but all characters in this novel to numb their pain. They all are seeking out the opportunity to shy away for them real world and the pain that it brings with it. For him to appear happy, Jake needs to have something to numb him to the other feelings he had battling inside of his mind. Hemingway’s group of characters don’t see the value that life has to offer them, so instead they choose to create fake value by drinking. The alcohol driven state allows him to appear happy to the outside world. While it might appear that the characters in the book are alcoholics, it could be countered that these young men have been accustomed to consuming large amounts of alcohol as a means of escaping their lives (Djos 64). In a journal article, written by Matts Djos, he claims that Jake and his companions are â€Å"terrified that fate and circumstance might shatter their facade of civilized deference. These people lack the skills and the sanity to break their addiction to self-sufficiency and their destructive loop of unmanageability. Instead, they seek refuge in broken relationships, in changes of scene, in drunkenness and the illusion that, however meager, they can find some pleasureShow MoreRelatedTheme Of Existentialism In The Stranger1624 Words   |  7 PagesHemingway’s characters were struggling to find the value in their lives, Camus took the other side of the spectrum and made a character that didn’t see any value in life. Camus focuses on the topic of existential ism, which is the philosophical theory that focuses on the fact that everyone is responsible for developing their own actions, in his novel The Stranger. Camus introduces Meursault who is deeply rooted in the beliefs of existentialism, believing that there is no value to anything that happens in aRead More The Rise and Fall of Existentialism1287 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Existentialism   Ã‚  Ã‚   Existential literature often focuses on the personal journey towards existential awareness. Common themes in existential works, such as alienation and confrontation with death, often lead the anti-hero towards a climactic choice that defines whether they have reached true understanding. The themes within existential literature are reflected from the world at large, and the works themselves are a metaphor for a grander shift in Western philosophy. Read MoreAlice Malsenior6001 Words   |  25 Pages1946, Albert Camus published his famous work called The Stranger and sparked the start of existentialism. This literary approach rejects the idea that the universe offers any clues about how humanity should live. Therefore, writers of this type glorify the ideas of freedom and individual responsibility. Other popular authors that are characterized as existentialists are Ernest Hemingway, James Baldwin, and Nathaniel West. Following its popular surge in the 1940s and 1950s, exi stentialism faded after

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The House I Live In Movie Analysis - 1862 Words

In 1971 on June 17, President Richard Nixon delivered a special message to the Congress on drug abuse prevention and control. During the presentation, Nixon made it clear that the United States was at war with this idea of drug abuse. What baffled Americans then, and still baffles Americans today, is that we are at war with our own nation with drugs; it is not some foreign affair like the media tends to focus on with Mexico. Nixon stated that at the time of his speech, what was implemented to control drug abuse was not working†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"The problem has assumed the dimensions of a national emergency. I intend to take every step necessary to deal with this emergency, including asking the Congress for an amendment to my 1972 budget to provide an†¦show more content†¦The movie went further into details about how the Chinese would smoke opium at times while working on this project and the task to illegalize opium on the West coast was taken on by many â€Å"American’s † at the time to â€Å"get back† at the Chinese for taking away jobs from these â€Å"American’s† and posing as a threat to the American economy. Furthermore, the narrator of the movie talked often with Nanny who took care of him and his family when he was young. Nanny was originally from the south and experienced first hand Jim Crow laws at work. Day to day she saw rape, violence, and other things which enticed her to move North like many other African Americans did. â€Å" They didn’t escape Jim Crow but more so saw it in a different form†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ( Jarecki) When the African Americans relocated to the north they were still working in the lower class jobs and â€Å"exiled† to the lower class housing because of the low pay and inability to afford things. Overtime as the cities developed the movie discusses that â€Å"FHA put blacks in economically depressed areas† (Jarecki) once these economically depressed areas â€Å"developedà ¢â‚¬ , they became red zoned and labeled as the ghettos. This was similar for Italians, Irish, Jews and many others who immigrated into the cities prior to the African Americans. FromShow MoreRelatedEssay about Cinderella/Everafter Comparison1092 Words   |  5 PagesSarah Hubbard September 19, 2010 Children’s Lit Review/Analysis One EVERAFTER/A CINDERELLA STORY Cinderella is a classic childhood fairy tale of a young woman who’s mother and father both die, leaving her with a wicked stepmother and two wicked stepsisters. There have been several movies portraying this classic tale. One of which is Everafter starring Drew Barrymore. In this movie a girl loses her father and mother leaving her to be a servant for her stepmother. She meets a prince and fallsRead MoreMovie Analysis : Gran Torino1649 Words   |  7 PagesHannah Swartout December 3, 2017 COM 325 Analysis Paper Gran Torino Analysis After losing his wife, Walt Kowalski was left with spoiled children and grandchildren, cigarettes, Pabst Blue Ribbon and his 1972 Gran Torino. Walt was retired from the military after serving in the Korean war. In the beginning of the movie Walt appears to be disgruntled, racist and tough-minded. He was not ecstatic that a Hmong family was moving into his deceased neighbors house. Meanwhile, the Hmong family next door facesRead MoreEssay on Finding Meaning in For Color Girls1232 Words   |  5 PagesTyler Perry adapted and transformed it into a movie in 2010. For colored girls is centered on nine women as they encounter their fair share of neglect, abuse, pain and harassment both physically and emotionally. They slowly but surely recover from such abuse and discover joy in themselves. The movie begins with the characters as strangers but at the end, they become good friends. I watched this movie because it was directed by Tyler Perry. I thought the movie was about women and their struggles to overcomeRead MoreFilm Analysis : The Notebook Essay1109 Words   |  5 PagesFilm Analysis Throughout the movie, The Notebook, there were many different aspects that corresponded with the material learned throughout the semester. There were times were you were able to pin point why each problem was faced based on different character backgrounds. As began to watch the movie, you start to understand the culture aspects of each individual by the way they talk and present themselves, which caused many situations to arise. Also, these many situations arise throughout the movieRead MorePersuasive Speech Entry 21254 Words   |  6 Pagesa girl who lives in Quentin’s neighbourhood. Analysis: In this passage, Quentin and his friend, Ben are trying to call a girl by a slang term candy-coated honeybunny. This passage can be offensive to a girl and is inappropriate for age group. Author includes this passage so he can show the attitude of that time towards the girls. Entry 2: Passage: â€Å"Also your mom. Bro, I saw your mom kiss you on the cheek this morning, and forgive me, but I swear to God I was like, man, I wish I was Q. And alsoRead MoreSankofa Film Analysis956 Words   |  4 PagesSankofa Film Analysis Who is Haile Germia? Haile Germia is an Ethiopian filmmaker, film director, screenwriter who was born March 4, 1946 and raised in Gondar, Ethiopia who now lives in the United States. He immigrated here to the United States in 1968 to pursue acting, and enrolled in the Goodman School of Drama located in Chicago. He is best known for his film Sankofa which raised a lot of awareness to the African American community. He is also known for the Los Angeles school of black filmmakersRead MoreFilm Critique of All the Presidents Men1541 Words   |  7 PagesI. Summary Opening in theaters around the United States in April of 1976, All the Presidents Men paints quite an accurate account of American journalism yet at the same time is a suspenseful adventure that manages to entertain and inform its viewers. Vincent Canby, a reviewer for the New York Times called the movie, an unequivocal smash-hitÂâ€"the thinking mans Jaws. Because the film is written from the perspective of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the movie works as a blockbuster, and notRead MoreThe Style Of David Fincher s Se7en1386 Words   |  6 PagesConclusion xix References xxi Style of Se7en by David Fincher 1. Introduction The movie selected for this particular assignment was David Fincher’s Se7en, which is an adaptation of the screenplay written by Andrew Kevin Walker, the movie was released in 1995. The movie falls under the genres of drama, mystery and thriller. All the three genres provide the viewers with incomplete information adding to the suspense of the movie. According to the Hill (2010), suspense is an external environmental stimulusRead MoreEmily Liddick. Mrs. Campbell. English 2. 23 April 2017.1203 Words   |  5 Pages2017 Gatsby Analysis Essay Cinematic techniques are methods that authors use to convey specific pieces of information in a narrative. Some examples of this would be the angle shots, flashbacks, themes, symbols, etc. In both the movie and the novel of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays multiple instances of these techniques. This not only enhances the effect that it has on the audience, but it also constructs similarities and differences between both the novel and the movie. For instanceRead MoreV for Vendetta: The Movie and the Book948 Words   |  4 Pagesbook V for Vendetta. The movie was based on that very graphic book. The main idea of the essay is to compare and contrast both the movie and the graphic book. The essay will consist of several parts. The first part will contain the analysis of the reality described in the story about V. the second part will be devoted to the comparison between the movie and the graphic book, whereas the in the last part I will contrast them. The idea of the ess ay is to prove that the movie has almost nothing common